Holly shrub care

Holly shrub care

Find out how to grow holly trees in a container and growing condition holly Plant, Holly Plant Care etc. Holly tree llex is a member of the family of low-maintenance and evergreen plants, which can grow up from inch bushes to 50 feet big trees. Holly plant is attractive and valuable for its bright leaves and colorful berries. Most of its varieties are suitable for U. Department of Agriculture hardiness zone 5 through 8.

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Winterberry, also known as black alder, is one of several native American hollies. It grows feet tall depending on the cultivar, is deciduous, and though it has colorful fall foliage it is grown mainly for its berries. Winterberry is very cold hardy and will thrive in a wet location so they can be planted along the edge of a damp woods or streamside.

They will grow in part shade but have more berries the more sun they get. Most varieties bear red berries but a few have yellow. They are excellent for cutting and making holiday decorations. Just a few sprigs of winterberry make the transition from fall to holiday decorating.

If you like the evergreen look of classic English holly, there are many cultivars to choose from. The Ilex genus is a large one with over species native to not only North America but China, Japan, Europe, and North Africa, and there are thousands of hybrids. They range in size from tiny shrubs to 50 foot tall pyramidal shaped trees and have glossy leaves in colors such as blue-green, dark green, and even variegated with white or yellow edges. Both deciduous and evergreen hollies offer wildlife habitat and are an important source of winter food for birds.

Deer also find holly to be a tasty treat and can destroy an evergreen shrub in no time if they are hungry enough. Hollies have small greenish-white flowers and the plants are dioecious, meaning that a male and female plant must be present for fruiting to occur. They are pollinated by insects so they need to be within sight of each other and also need to bloom at the same time of year.

A good ratio is one male plant for every six females. Only the female plants will have berries. Plant your holly bushes in fertile, slightly acidic soil. Evergreen varieties like it moist but well-drained while winterberry can be planted in swampy areas that are under water for part of the year.

Holly roots are close to the surface so mulch them to keep them cool and moist. Can Holly bushes be container grown? I live in an RV park next to a National Forest in Colorado and would love to plant some Holly, but I can only plant things in containers.

Breadcrumb Home. Growing Holly Bushes: Popular Varieties. Robin Sweetser. December 4,More Like This. Which Trees and Shrubs Attract Birds? Unusual Fruit and Fruit Trees to Grow. Comments Add a Comment. Be pretty in a container I think!

How to plant and grow Holly Trees

Holly is a shrub that grows in the wild in most areas of the world. It is famous across the globe for its pointed prickly leaves. If holly is found across the planet, it means that it can adapt to all climate types. It can tolerate any type of soil and can survive most natural disasters. It is preferable to plant it in fall in order to support root development, but you can plant it until spring, checking that upcoming days are non-freezing days. If you are planting in spring, plan for regular watering over the 1 st year after planting.

Singapore Holly needs cups of water every 9 days when in a 5" pot. View for personalized care instructions.

When is the Best Time for Holly Tree Pruning?

Dwarf yaupon holly - also called Schillings Holly - is the slow-growing, hardy shrub many gardeners love to trim into little balls. These fine-leafed hollies are a huge favorite for South Florida because they're extremely easy-care and provide a distinctly formal look to the landscape. A favorite for foundations and along walkways, "Schillings" grows very slowly and rarely needs trimmed. This plant can actually grow larger than most people realize But because it takes its sweet time getting there, this popular shrub works for many years as a small, easily-maintained plant. A holly shrub that produces no berries, dwarf yaupon also has no spines on the leaves. It produces tiny, non-showy flowers in spring.

Holly Bush Guide: How to Grow & Care for “Ilex” Shrubs

Nearly all of these variations can be sorted into four basic groups: English holly glossy, spiny foliage ; American holly similar to its English cousin, but with duller leaves ; Chinese holly large glossy, spineless varieties ; and hybrid holly. In other words, there is probably a holly in this diverse plant group that suits your landscape. The diverse holly family includes trees and shrubs that come in a variety of forms: columnar, pyramidal, rounded, or weeping. Their foliage varies, too, ranging from large, spiny leaves to smooth, small leaves that resemble boxwood.

Winterberry, also known as black alder, is one of several native American hollies. It grows feet tall depending on the cultivar, is deciduous, and though it has colorful fall foliage it is grown mainly for its berries.

Child ate winterberry

It can be used for any acid-loving plants, such as blueberries , camellias, rhododendrons, evergreens, hydrangeas and more. You will want to fertilize your plants twice a year — In early spring and late fall. When you apply the fertilizer in late fall, only use half of the recommended dosage. Before fertilizing your acid-loving trees, shrubs and plants with Holly-tone , be sure to take a look at the back of the bag. It lays out instructions for each type of plant to give it the best chance to grow. When fertilizing trees , first figure out the diameter of the tree trunk.

How to grow Holly tree in a container | Growing information Holly plant

The glossy "holly-shaped" leaves and ruby red berries of English holly have brought a bough of cheer into a multitude of homes. But hollies are also classic winners in the outdoor landscape. Their distinctive leaves, diversity of form and cheerful charisma bring year-round appeal to the garden. And they really shine in winter, with a long-lasting display of brightly colored berries that not only enlivens the wintry scene but also serves as sustenance for a variety of songbirds. With more than species of fruit-bearing trees and shrubs, hollies Ilex spp. They can be rounded, spherical, pyramidal or columnar in form.

Proper care and planting of holly (Ilex): Our expert tips and advice on holly shrub varieties, flowering time and toxicity of holly.

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Contact your local county Extension office through our County Office List. Holly is grown for its shiny green, spiny leaves and brightly red berries. In winter, its vibrant green foliage provides forage for deer, and the berries attract birds.


Hollies are among the most valuable and versatile garden plants. And, of course, you can cut branches to make your own festive Christmas decorations and wreaths. Not all of them grow into large shrubs or trees. The hedgehog holly Ilex aquifolium Ferox Argentea is small and slow growing. Most hollies prefer a site that receives full sun, or is lightly shaded. They need a moist, but well-drained soil, enriched with lots of organic matter.

American holly Ilex opaca.

Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms:. Signup Login Toggle navigation. Ilex: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties. We have images of ilex in our Ilex database. Click here to browse or search the plants in this database. Hollies include a large number of deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees that are grown for their attractive foliage and brightly colored berries.

However, getting those berries is precisely why questions about this beautiful native shrub fill our inbox all year. In other words, each individual plant bears only one type of flower: those that will turn into berries a female plant or those that bear pollen a male plant. This means that to get a beautiful, berry-covered winterberry holly, y ou must plant both a male and a female. Fortunately, you only need to plant one to pollinate up to five female plants.

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